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During this historic pandemic, WEFTA’s commitment to the communities we serve in Latin America and Africa continues!

Access to safe water and sanitation is critical for proper handwashing and hygiene to reduce the spread of disease. As coronavirus spreads around the globe, the indigenous communities in developing countries are facing unprecedented risk. These close-knit communities with multi-generational families often living together do not have access to safe water and sanitation which is critical for proper handwashing and hygiene.

WEFTA is committed to continuing our on-going work with less-fortunate communities in Latin America and Africa to find solutions for reliable and sustainable water and sanitation systems. We remain dedicated to promoting WASH in healthcare facilities and continue to work together with local leaders and representatives, healthcare workers, and community members on construction of water and wastewater projects currently in-progress for healthcare facilities in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Through our connections, WEFTA helped facilitate the deployment of over 1,600 medical grade face shields to health service ministries in Bolivia, India and Nigeria working on the frontline with COVID-19 managed by Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul International Project Services.

While travel to project sites will be temporarily restricted, we continue to work with our in-country partners by collaborating remotely on planning, designing, and reviewing water and sanitation projects thereby providing communities with the infrastructure they need to stay safe during the pandemic crisis.

One of our strategic partners, Water Mission, has done an outstanding job collating materials into a usable format to share as resources for getting information about the pandemic out to vulnerable populations.

FREE COVID-19 RESOURCES provided by Water Mission

During these unprecedented times, WEFTA will continue making connections and changing lives!

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Water & Health

Since 2002, WEFTA has been connecting donors, engineers, and communities in Latin America and Africa, all with the common goal of ensuring access to clean drinking water for everyone.

Sanitation & Environment

WEFTA engineers help communities make sound decisions and facilitate the dialog leading to the development of solutions for inadequate sewage treatment, and its associated environmental impacts. 

Development & Sustainability 

WEFTA volunteers work with the communities we partner with to develop the local skills needed to maintain and manage the water and wastewater systems constructed.