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Ccotataqui, a small indigenous community of approximately 60 families located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Peru, celebrated their new water project during an inauguration ceremony held March 15, 2020. WEFTA partner/volunteer Steve R. and his family joined the community in celebration.

WEFTA volunteers and partners collaborated in the design and construction of two reservoirs fed by natural springs for the community to move much needed water over a one-mile distance to irrigate the community’s crop fields.

The two reservoirs were completed, and waterlines were installed November 2019.  The rainy season arrived, and without disappointment the reservoirs filled! 

Many thanks to Steve R. and to Suma Jayma, our Bolivian partners, who traveled to Ccotataqui to assess and work on the system design, making it possible for the community of Ccotataqui to gain access to this much needed water.