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Hero’s Welcome

Enrique Lozano, one of our local volunteers in Honduras who has worked on the Llano Largo Water Project for many years, suffered a severe stroke last year. This week, Enrique returned to Llano Largo for the first time since, where he was greeted with a hero's welcome.

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WEFTA Commits to WASH in HCF

Among over 70 committers, Peter Fant and Jason Gehrig attended and proudly represented WEFTA at the WASH in Health Care Facilities Stakeholders Commitment Gathering that took place on June 19, 2019 at the Pan American Health Organization headquarters in Washington,...

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Thank You Raymond Mills & Mills Bit Service!

Raymond Mills, owner of Mills Bit Service located in Bowie, Texas, is a generous partner to WEFTA and Bolivian NGO, Suma Jayma. Since 2012, Raymond has donated multiple water well drill bits for use by Suma Jayma in constructing community water wells in the Andean...

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Suma Jayma Receives Much Needed Equipment

Suma Jayma, our Bolivian NGO in-country partners finally received much needed equipment and materials. Long-time WEFTA volunteer, Jason G., lead collaborative efforts with partners to coordinate a shipment from the U.S. of donated equipment and materials to Suma Jayma...

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WEFTA Team in Panama

The WEFTA team headed down to Panama in January to check in on current water projects. WEFTA volunteer, Tim W., visited rural communities to coordinate the funding & materials for the projects. To learn more about these projects, contact us at

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Laying the Groundwork in Peru

Long-time WEFTA volunteer, Lou H., headed to the Urubamba Valley region of Peru laying the groundwork for waste-treatment plant projects. To learn more about Lou's visit and these projects, check out Lou's trip report, or contact us at

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Water & Health

Since 2002, WEFTA has been connecting donors, engineers, and communities in Latin America, all with the common goal of ensuring access to clean drinking water for everyone.

Sanitation & Environment

WEFTA engineers help communities make sound decisions and facilitate the dialog leading to the development of solutions for inadequate sewage treatment, and its associated environmental impacts. 

Development & Sustainability 

WEFTA volunteers work with the communities we partner with to develop the local skills needed to maintain and manage the water and wastewater systems constructed. 

Souder, Miller & Associates (SMA) is an engineering, environmental and surveying firm and proud partner of WEFTA since 2002.

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