Over 4,000 lives have been positively impacted with the completed water supply improvements project for the Masanga Centre. Masanga is located in the Northwestern part of Tanzania 8 km from the Kenya-Tanzania border in a hilly, isolated and poor area covering 8 villages.  

The water supply improvements project for Masanga Centre was completed through collaborative efforts with our partners, Daughters of Charity International Project Services and Sanitation and Water Action (SAWA). The project included construction of 3 ten-thousand gallon underground rainwater harvesting tanks, 4 tank towers and 14 valve chambers. It also included in installation of 12 new water storage tanks, 5 new water flow meters, protection of 2 springs, an improved borehole and pump station, and rehabilitation of 2 wells.

Masanga Centre, run by Daughters of Charity Sisters, includes a health center, DREAM Program, Sisters’ convent, a Church, St. Catherine Laboure Day & Boarding School, Association for Termination of Female Genital Mutilation (AFTGM), Lindalva VTC, Gorong’a Secondary School and Masanga Primary School.

The Bikira Maria Mama Wa Tumaini Health Center and DREAM Center offer a variety of valuable services to the people of Masanga including outpatient and inpatient services, surgery, maternity services, ultrasound, HIV/ AIDS treatment, laboratory services, home care, outreach and mobile clinics. The Health Center currently treats approximately 344 patients each month.

Previously, the Masanga Centre did not have access to a sufficient, reliable water source, especially during the dry seasons. Access to reliable and safe water is necessary to help reduce infections, minimize illness, and saves lives!

In addition to the water system improvements, the communities received operations and maintenance training and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) awareness education to help ensure long-term sustainability of the water system and the importance of WASH practices.

The completed water supply improvements project has positively impacted over 4,000 lives and will continue to do so through the empowered communities of Masanga.  

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