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In collaboration with our Tanzanian in-country partners, Sanitation and Water Action (SAWA), the first phase of a multi-phase water project has begun for the Mpapa Health Centre located in the rural region of Mbinga in southwest Tanzania. The Mpapa Health Centre serves over 2,100 people in the surrounding area and currently has no piped potable water or adequate sanitation facilities. The catchment area of this project includes the health centre, Church, parish house, Sisters’ convent, and the Vocational Education Training Centre, as well as the Village of Mpapa and the primary school.

The project kicked off with local government and community meetings. Construction began with trenching performed by members of the community.  This first phase will include water source development, installation of pipelines for water transmission, and a new water storage tank.  Also, distribution lines will be installed to deliver water to new water points that will be constructed at the Centre.

We are still seeking funding to complete the next phases of this project. Phase 2 will include an expansion of water services and an improved sanitation system.  Contact us to learn more about the Mpapa Centre Water Project or to make a donation.