In 2003, through the collaborative efforts of Waterlines and the Peace Corps, a water supply tank was constructed for the community of Zapote #1 in the Comarca Ngäbe Buglé, Panama.  In addition to the 5,000-gallon block-built water tank, the project included the distribution lines to what was, at the time, a community of 25 homes. Since then, the community has expanded to 43 homes, and an additional spring was secured by the community and captured with the assistance of our in-country partner, Nicolás. 

During the 2022 annual circuit riding site visit to the community, The WEFTA team discovered that the water supply tank constructed in 2003 was showing signs of leakage from the walls and foundation and was likely not destined to live out its projected 20 years.  The community was losing approximately 50% of its water supply due to these leaks.

In early January 2023, Nicolás, collaborated with the water committee and community members to begin renovating the failing tank and degraded water transmission lines. During the WEFTA team’s annual circuit riding site visit this year (January 2023), the team met with Nicolás and the community to check in on the renovation project that was actively in progress.  The old tank had already been completely dismantled and the site was in the process of being prepared for the construction of the new water supply tank.

By early February, the construction of the new 3,350-gallon water supply tank was successfully completed along with the renovation of the 200-meter transmission line that connects the spring water to the 43-home distribution network.

This water system renovation project positively impacts over 250 lives.