In collaboration with SAWA, our Tanzanian partners, WEFTA has worked with the Benedictine Sisters and the Catholic Diocese to complete water, sanitation & hygiene improvement (WASH) projects for healthcare facilities since 2020. The completed projects include the St. John’s Hospital Lugarawa, and the Mpapa Health Center. These Improvements have provided safe reliable water for the hospitals and the surrounding communities they serve, in addition to churches, Sisters’ convents, Priest’s houses, schools, and vocational centers.

Most recently completed was the WASH improvements for the Mpapa Health Center run by the Benedictine Sisters of the Mbinga Diocese. The improvements for the health center and the surrounding communities has positively impacted over 5,000 lives.

We invite you to watch the following video, where Bishop John Ndimbo of the Mbinga Diocese shares heartfelt gratitude. WEFTA is proud to work with our partners and so many amazing people in the communities we serve.