After generations of relying on dirty river flows and contaminated, open wells, over 70 families of the community of Cuipa Kahuaya finally have access to safe, spring-fed water in their homes.

WEFTA volunteers and father son team, Jason and Anthony Gehrig, traveled to Bolivia to meet with partners and check in on WEFTA water projects.  Their visit to the Bolivian altiplano included attending the inaugural celebration of the recently completed water system supply project for the community of Cuipa Kahuaya in the Jesús de Machaca municipal jurisdiction near the Peruvian border.

This completed project – a spring-fed, solar energy pumped water supply system with taps – provided access to drinking water to over 70 homes and families. The success of this project was made possible through collaborative efforts of WEFTA, Suma Jayma, Wheaton Franciscan Sisters, and the amazing community members themselves.

Jason and Anthony’s visit to the Bolivian altiplano also included delivering donated surveying equipment, and meetings with current and potential partners for collaboration of future projects. 

 Ch'alla of new water supply system on behalf of WEFTA
Cuipa Kahuaya Bolivian community member with access to safe water at his home
Cuipa Kahuaya 20,000 liter storage tank