Circuit Rider Program

Requesting support from our donors

Since 2012, WEFTA has supported in-country technical teams, known as circuit riders, who provide post-construction follow up on our previously completed water and sanitation projects. WEFTA currently has active circuit rider programs in Bolivia, Panama, and Honduras; however, more circuit riders are needed in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.  The circuit riders travel from community to community in each country approximately once or twice a year to do the following jobs:

  • make sure the water and wastewater systems are being operated and maintained properly
  • provide technical assistance with ongoing projects or system problems
  • offer technical and managerial training to local water committee members

By travelling to and interacting with the same communities continuously, circuit riding itself becomes a learning process whereby these technical teams can more easily anticipate and address future issues. By paying local circuit riders a stipend to provide effective follow up and training of community members, the water and sanitation systems last longer thus increasing donor investment value.

Your support will help ensure continued success of this program.

WEFTA volunteer engineers will continue to provide their services to this program.

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Continued maintenance and operation of a system is
as important
as the project itself.

A successful circuit rider program will help increase
donor investment value.

Our commitment is to the long-term success of the projects we’re involved with and it doesn’t stop when construction is complete.