Ixcan Water System

 $80,000 still needed to complete this project

Total Project Cost: $115,000

Project Location: Chiapas, Mexico

Community Background

The indigenous community of Ejido de Ixcan is located at the confluence of the Rio Ixcan and the Rio Jatate, near the border of Guatemala, in Chiapas, México. It has about 180 homes with a population of approximately 1,000 people. In addition to residences, Ixcan has several churches, a healthcare facility, and a primary school. Most families work in subsistence agriculture, growing corn, beans, and vegetables. Average family income is well below poverty line (approximately $2-4 per day).

Water, Sanitation, and Health (WASH) Concerns

Several years ago, the state government began construction of a water system for the community.  This project was never completed and fell into disrepair.  At present, community residents meet their daily water needs by carrying water by hand in buckets from the local rivers and from hand-dug holes in the ground. The water sources are not chlorinated or treated in any way, creating potential health risks.

Proposed Project

Members of the community are working with WEFTA engineers and are seeking funds to construct a water system improvement project to include the following:

  • Completion of the existing well
  • Construction of a new water storage tank
  • Installation of transmission line from the well to the proposed water storage tank
  • Construction of a new water distribution system
  • Installation of a chlorinator to ensure the water is safe to drink

Sustainability Considerations

The Ixcan Water Committee and community members will be trained on operation and maintenance of the water system. WEFTA volunteers and circuit riders will make frequent visits to Ixcan for post construction follow up and feedback on the health status of the community.

Community Engagement

The Ixcan community members have committed to providing materials and labor comparable to 25% of the total project cost.

WEFTA Volunteers

WEFTA engineers have been working with the community of Ixcan for the past few years designing a potable water system and mobilizing support in the community for construction and completion of the project.

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This project will provide reliable clean water for over 1,000 people! 

High rates of poverty in Chiapas translates to low levels of access to basic resources such as adequate clean water and sanitation; approximately 25% of the population has neither.

Our commitment is to the long-term success of the projects we’re involved with and it doesn’t stop when construction is complete.