Great progress is being made on multiple small-scale water system renovations in Panama!

WEFTA is proud to pick up where our sister organization, Waterlines, left off as they sunset last year. WEFTA and Waterlines have worked together with rural Indigenous communities for many years with the objective of improving access to potable water and sanitation, as well as improving the capacity of local leaders to operate and maintain these systems.

In collaboration with our Panamanian in-country coordinators, Nicolas and José, water system renovations are in progress in six communities of the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé and Bocas del Toro regions. We are also very lucky to have a strong WEFTA volunteer presence in these communities. Many of the WEFTA volunteers are Return Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Panama.

Check out the Progress Report

We are grateful for our generous donors in supporting these renovations.

We are currently seeking donors to help fund our objectives to renovate or repair these systems and train community members on water system management.  The water and sanitation improvements for these rural communities are critical to helping reduce the spread of illness and save lives! Consider donating today to help complete these projects.

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