WEFTA’s Circuit Rider, David Kurgat, is making great strides towards WASH improvements for health posts and schools in Kenya.

WEFTA is working closely with our in-country circuit rider, David Kurgat, on the assessment, repair, and renovation of WASH improvements at multiple health posts and schools in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Mr. Kurgat connects with health post and school staff to assess the past WASH improvements and discuss any necessary repairs, renovations, and/or improvements.

Through a small fund, WEFTA is able to work with Mr. Kurgat on the project work scopes and budgets to assist these health posts and schools in making the necessary updates. In most cases, the health post or school is able to provide 50% of the total project costs whether in labor, materials, and/or funds.

Mr. Kurgat then coordinates with local contractors to make the necessary updates. The majority of these small projects include renovations to water supply tanks, water sources, tap stands, and the construction of new toilets for the users of these facilities. Though small projects, these interventions increase the WASH status of these facilities for the improvement of human health.

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